Where is my ikamet?

Applying for a residence permit is sometimes… exciting.  Even if it was signalled at the appointment that “everything is in order, everything is there”, one or the other paper may still be requested later – either because there were still questions during a detailed examination or because a paper is mysteriously no longer in the file. In principle, of course, this is always the responsibility of the applicant(s)…. until some time ago, the applicant then called – in the meantime, the process has been completely digitalised. The dispatch route can now also be traced exactly via the website. 

In this particular case, only one Ikamet arrived for a couple, the other one was delayed. There was NO phone call or other message. So you have to try another way to find out where the problem is. You can find this button on the website:

In the following window, you will be asked for this information, which you should have at hand: The “Dosya number”, i.e. the file number that was sent to you when the confirmation code was requested (e.g. 2022-11-123456); the email address or mobile phone number with which the code was requested (phone number without the zero) and the given Ikamet or passport number:

Then either a red bar appears at the bottom, indicating that your application has been accepted but is not yet in the system, that the Ikamet is being processed or – then it gets exciting – that something is missing. The deadline is set at 1 month after the deadline.

Here it is stated that one of the receipts from the tax office is missing (in the current case, this was in the file but was overlooked, but that’s another story…). “Unit for Submission” is where the document has to be submitted, at the top of the text is the deadline by when. Once it has been submitted, you should see this screen relatively quickly (usually within 1-2 working days):

In the past, you also got an interim notice with a picture and stamp after the deadline, which was also necessary, for example, in connection with the tax office receipt when leaving the country (before the new card arrived) – you can now print this out yourself by clicking on “Print application Document”:

In addition, you can follow the transmission history (red button at the bottom right) “Click here for Post tracking” , where you will be redirected to the PTT (Post) page. You can see the history by scrolling all the way down the page:

Then the medication should be in your hands within a few days. If it is not, you can now check every now and then to see why it has not yet been sent. By the way, in the case of renewals, the new Ikamet is only sent when the old one has expired, so that you don’t have 2 valid cards in your hand.

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